What Dog Breed Should I Get if I Live Alone and Work for 9 Hours a Day?

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Before you take the decision of getting a pet, it is very important that you clear up your mind about the things that you wish from your pet companion. All animals as pets provide different returns to a nice owner. But it is important that you yourself are aware of the things that you desire from your own pet.

Yes, sure there is a great possibility that you may wish quite a number of benefits from your pet which you probably won’t be getting. It depends on your present routine and the resources that you have and can provide to your friend.

Do you wish to have a ‘give and take’ of the social mutual bond? There is a huge set of reasons why we adore dogs out of all the pet options that we got. They are very responsive, aware of the intentions and feelings, attentive, loyal, affectionate and what not! Your 9 hour days are not inevitably a deal breaker.

You can go for acquiring an older dog whose pup days of happy destruction and mischief are gone. The best breed among such dogs are- AmStaff and Lab. They can peacefully drowse all day when you are at work and power-up happily when you return back home. Their housetraining can be pretty much equal to the wait till you come back from work.

Other great breed options of the dogs that you can get in case you work full time are- Great Danes. They are simply super laid-back. They adore sleeping and they do not mind a great amount of exercise and they also behave in apartments.

If you’re worried that how are you going to take care of your dog when you’re out most of the day, then you should know that 9 hours is not ‘neglecting’ them as long as you can take them on a 30 minutes’ to one hour walk every day. Also, don’t forget to give them an hour of activity which you spend together when you return from work.

Dogs like consistent schedule daily. So, all you need to do is stick to the activity/feeding before and after office. They will automatically adjust as per your schedule and will relax when you’re not around the whole day. In case your dog has departure/ break-up anxiety, then you need to specially train them.