Is It Rude to Pet a Stranger’s Dog?

dog licking boy

Whenever we see a dog, we are always intrigued to cuddle and pamper it. This is a common human psychology that can be witnessed among all of us. Dogs can be cute and aggressive at the same time. Some breed is very cute, while others may not look like it, but we still cannot resist cuddling them up.

Imagine, walking downs the street and you witness a cute dog walking in the sidewalks. You will feel the urge to touch it, feel it and even love it by rubbing your hands over the body. Now, is it safe to pet the dogs like that? There are many dogs, which are not really good with other human interactions.

Such dogs usually bite any strangers even if they mean to cuddle them. However, that can be understandable, since dogs are not like humans.

The real deal arises when you are about to pet a dog and the stranger takes it away with a grim look on the face. So the question is that is it rude to pet the stranger’s dog? The answer can depend on the individuals.

Some of the dog owners are so protective of their dogs that they do not allow anyone else to come near to their pet. Others are more cautious about the dog’s aggressive nature, hence they avoid any stranger to cuddle them, since the dog would bite them and the owner may face some serious embarrassment.

Generally speaking, petting stranger’s dog is always rude, as long as you the strangers are not comfortable with it. Whenever you see a dog and you begin to pet the dog without even looking at the stranger, then it certainly sound rude for the stranger.

The common rule is that stranger should be consented before petting the dog. Permission of petting the dog from the strangers can show respect towards the stranger and their pet. It is a good sign of gesture that you only intend to caress the dog and means no intention of swaying the dog’s favor to your side.

This is a common notion that everyone must follow before petting the dog. If, you somehow see a lonely dog, be sure to check the surrounding for their owner. If there is no owner around, then it is fine to cuddle the dog. However, if you see a stranger at a distance, it is better to stay away before petting those cute pups.

You can always be friendly with the stranger and then pet the dog that would be a good gesture for both the stranger and its dog as well.